First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…

Happily born and raised in Mississippi, jetted off to DC for a career on the Hill, met this super cute guy on Cinco de Mayo, married him, and rode off into the sunset to his home, Oklahoma.

Lover of 5pm, dogs (save those that bite my ankles while I run), impromptu dance parties with a drink in hand (alone or with company, most likely to the Blues), shower radios, my accent (despite the jokes at my expense), toddies, pearl earrings, black high heels (I have shoes?!), fast cars, golf, fishing, gardening, music, hurricane parties (tornado parties are up in the air), the creaking sound an oil pump makes (don’t try to ride them, trust), yelling ‘Boomer.’ And the obvious – my buddy, my family, my friends, the ocean, ranches, authentic Mexican food, tequila, and my old and new schools. Oh, and Tabasco Sauce all day, every day.

Hater of 7am, armed robbery (as opposed to unarmed), mosquitoes, insulation, texting and driving (circa 1980s, believe), my teams losing penalty challenges, driving into flash floods (I owe you an engine, buddy), earthquakes, believing my house is haunted because an earthquake has hit, standing in the shower shaving my legs when an earthquake hits, having the Christmas tree topple over onto me because…you get it, but that reminds me: bruises. And the obvious -Tex Mex, whining, wallowing, haters, blah, blah, blah, and horseradish.

Truly excited by: winning the lottery, playing slots, and dance parties.

Truly terrified of: ice storms, spiders, and ghosts. Oh, my.

So, after all that – Welcome, y’all! The pleasure is mine.