A Drink with the Skeleton Man

A few friends and I went for tacos the other night. After listening to two talk back and forth, I gave my head a break from the right left motion quite similar to watching a tennis match. That’s when I glanced over my shoulder and noticed my new best friend sitting at the bar.

My new bff was a skeleton man wearing a Yankee’s baseball cap. His jaw was stuck in a permanent grin position and he held an empty mug in his right hand. Man, he looked like fun. Within a split second, I could clearly picture the two of us, arm in arm a the bar. Him, with a full mug of beer, me with my tequila. We were talking too loud, laughing too loud, and singing too loud to piano music. The taco place isn’t a piano bar, so I’m not sure why my mind went there. Pirates must live a fun and exciting life in my subconscious.

Enjoying a drink (or two, or three) with the skeleton man really appealed to me, but it was just a daydream, I reminded myself. I began to wonder what people would think if they saw me and the skeleton man laughing it up. It would only be me laughing, though, because the skeleton man, well, he’s not actually alive. The image of viewing that through someone else’s lens gave me an actual, real life, laugh out loud.

That made my friends quit talking and notice me, staring over my shoulder and laughing at the skeleton man. Just for that, they must have thought I lost it. If only they knew…







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